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More than 15 years of experience!

Since 1997; John Dunn owner of Impact Studios has been developing a unique set of skills and experience in the area of website development. In the past year Impact Studios has worked to refine the way we build our websites and projects. In the years leading up to 2013 we focused on impressing our customers with interesting designs and reasonable prices. Now, more than 15 years later we are focusing on bringing all of the elements of professional web site development together in one place. Our latest websites are built carefully and professionally to ensure that we provide a high quality website product. It's difficult to explain the differences between one website developer and another; however we will do our best to explain some of the basics of web site development below.

Initial Engagement and Project Proposals

Most of our relationships have been built upon trust and friendly conversation. Impact Studios enjoys engaging with clients at their locations and places of business. There is no way we can begin to build your site online when we haven't experienced your business for ourselves. It's vital that we see how you do business and that we experience your personality first-hand. Taking time up-front to meet and discuss your business, your plans, and your concerns will help us build a more suitable web site for your business. Meeting face to face also gives us both a common understanding of one another and what to expect from one another.

Project Proposals

When people think proposals they usually think about a stack of pages that are usually too lengthy to take the time to go through. We don't take hours to write useless proposals. Our proposals are custom to each customer's needs. A proposal is a visual explanation of your future website as well as expectations and responsibilities of Impact Studios and yourself. We provide proposals at no cost to perspective customers; however we generally like to meet or speak over the phone before we start devleoping a proposal for your web site.

Website Design & Website Creation Process

Website Design

We are finding it easier and easier to satisfy our customers. Our experience with understanding our customers and their businesses has given us a real design advantage. Generally we can produce a single website design that sells itself.

The Design Process

Website designs are created as what we like to call, "a static image" which can easily be reviewed within an email or in-person through a print out. We do not create working web pages during the design process. When a customer is satisifed with the planned design for their new web site; we will than start building the HTML code and programming that makes the website come to life.

When the website design has been approved by the client Impact Studios will begin moving forward with actual HTML and website construction online. At this time we usually expect our clients to present all content and photos required to complete the website. Once the website is ready for review the client will be given the opportunity to review all the pages and functionality of the new website. Once all changes and adjustments are made we will set a launch date for the new website.