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Website Hosting Brief Overview

Website hosting is a requirement when building any website. If you do not have website hosting than you don't have any place to store your website. Therefore, nobody will be able to see your website online. Impact Studios has been using a very reliable data storage facility for more than seven years called The Planet which is located in Dallas, Texas.

Benefits of The Planet:

  • One of the World's best networks
  • Maximum uptime
  • State of the art security, power, safety, and cooling systems
  • All systems designed to make sure the system remains uninterrupted
  • Top of the line technology to keep servers cool, secure, and up at all times

What does this mean for my website?

Using Impact Studios as your website host provider will ensure that your website remains online 24 hours a day/7 days a week without interruption. We can guarantee a 99% uptime for all of the websites hosted on our server. Occasionally throughout the year there are minor updates and routine maintenance events that happen which cause our server to be offline. Usually the downtime is no more than one hour, happens in the very early AM hours, and only occurs one or two times per year. We try to make all our customers aware of any downtime a few days ahead of time when we receive notice from The Planet.

What's included: Sure Startup Package

  • 1000 megabytes of website storage including email accounts
  • Unlimited email accounts, email forwarders, and web mail access
  • 5000 megabytes of total monthly transfer or bandwidth
  • All the benefits of The Planet data storage facility mentioned above

Sure Startup Package Costs

Impact Studios has kept our website hosting prices the same since 1997. We have chosen to bill annually for our website hosting service with no contracts or agreements. Impact Studios will invoice twelve months in advance for our website hosting service. At the end of twelve months if you are not satisfied with your website hosting you can discontinue our services without any penalties or extra fees. If you wish to continue to use our services we will simply invoice you for the twelve months ahead. At this time we have our Sure Startup Package described above which is billed at a rate of $10.00 per month which is billed annually as mentioned above for a total of $120.00 per year. We intend on providing more details about our website hosting service on our website in the near future.